Chandani Bandara Group of Salons as worldly-renowned is a foremost ‘total solutions provider’ in the arena of hair and beauty with the sole aim of providing services with minimum hassle towards its client base. It is with this in mind Chandani Bandara Salons in Maharagama moved towards a more convenient location on 21 September; indeed as a fully-fledged hair and beauty salon with most modern facilities thus thereby offering a personalised service at its best towards its customers. Moreover this is the 10th salon of the chain of salons which are personally propelled by the renowned professional beautician Chandani Bandara who is indeed a remarkable personality possessing a history of over 15 years of distinctive services showing perseverance every step of the way, overcoming all obstacles on the path of success. Chandani Bandara Salons truly believes in Sri Lankan heritage and actually participates in promoting and making use of our resplendent land and its natural resources while retaining our inherent cultural values and together hand in hand forging towards the aim of offering immense career opportunities to Sri Lankans in the arena of hair and beauty. Furthermore the relocation and upgrading of salon was greatly in appreciation towards the fervent confidence inadvertently shown by the clientele of Chandani Bandara Salons of Maharagama Branch and therefore provides extended hours of service towards the convenience of its client base which is from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. located at No. 133/1, Bristol house on High Level Road. Chandani Bandara Salons is firmly committed towards quality and personalised service also extending towards forming collaborations with recognised international educational institutions thus thereby exhibiting their commitment and intentions towards improved standards of living and lifestyles.